Low C and Jay Z. What does it all have to do with it?


Low C and Jay Z. The vinyl disc with Jay Z put on the wall of honor in the Low C’s recording studio.



“When I first started to build this


recording studio, here in the heart of Europe, in Düsseldorf, Germany, I thought about what would be the artists who inspired me the most, because I wanted to bring https://www.lowc.art/ a bit of their vibe in this crib”. This is how Low C starts to remember about the place he built to become his second house.


“This is where I create, fam, this is where I spend countless hours a week and where I need to be surrounded by inspirational vibes. Jay Z is a rap guru for me,


he is the one who put a stamp in my heart because he is so humble that he cannot afford to be small. He helped so many people on his road.”

“Jay Z is the symbol of success”, Low C continues, “he’s coming from the hood and became one of the most influential rappers in the world, but as well one the most prolific producers and business people in the world. And I’m from the hood as well, a different type of hood. You know who we was?”

Low C comes from a city in Romania, at the border with Russia and Ukraine. The city has welcomed in the last year thousands of refugees. And in the past, this region of Romania has been quite affected by communism.

“I’ve been blessed to born and live in Romania. That place makes you humble, fam. And the


life in these neighbourhoods hasn’t been very different from the one in Bronx in terms of survival. We born humble and we grew hustlers”.

Jay Z’s vinyl disc on the wall of honor in my recording studio, is a recognition of hustlers around the world out there.”


Low C’s wall of honor has other 3 vinyls on it. But he was in a hurry to catch a flight, so couldn’t tell about the others. Remains a topic for the next discussions.



Who is Low C?

Low C is an emerging artist from Germany, very talented and versatile, who is promising to release very soon his own debut album. Currently, Low C is working on his rap cover tribute.

Born in Romania, but with German roots, Low C lived across the Europe in different countries and got influences from Pop and Latin reggaeton culture, as well as from HipHop and Trap music. He is singing in multiple languages, but he is


fancying English and Spanish mostly.

Previously, Low C worked as a ghostwriter for multiple artists across the globe and has been a resident DJ in social clubs for over 15 years from where he gathered the Electronic music influences as well.


Follow-up Low C on his website and on social media for news to come.


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