Common myths associated with IPL laser devices


IPL help for removing unwanted hair from the body, which is both safe and effective. However, the never-ending misconceptions around it are preventing people from moving forward. Most of the time, you question whether or not you should go through with the IPL devices.

Common myths about IPL devices

Hair grows thicker

IPL Hair growth is not affected by waxing or shaving. IPL technology is commonly used to treat various skin issues, including hair removal. The goal of each session is to diminish further hair production, eventually leading to permanent hair loss. IPL does not speed up hair regrowth, despite popular belief. The hair follicles are sent into a state of temporary hibernation. Because of this, users may enjoy hairless bodies for a long time.

IPL is a painful process

Compared to other ways of hair removal, PL treatments are more comfortable for patients. A lack of discomfort has also been reported elsewhere like in Bikini Line Laser Hair removal. However, numbing gels and lotions will be recommended if you have poor pain tolerance and sensitive skin.

IPL treatment can be done in the office only

IPL home treatment equipment is easily accessible and may be purchased. So treatment can be done in the privacy of your own home. You are free to do so. The New IPL devices are actually emerged so the users can save money and time to visits in clinic.

IPL devices are not safe

The FDA has compiled a list of IPL devices suitable for use in the comfort of one’s home. So you can efficiently perform any device at home.

IPL can damage skins

The usage of IPL may be relatively risk-free. It is essential to read the manufacturer’s advice to overcome different problems. Each product on IPL mentioned its use and practices.

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